We are the only blockchain consulting firm with local teams in each of the industry’s three most active markets.






The United States remains an incredibly important market for any aspiring blockchain project due to the prevailing importance of Silicon Valley, availability of world class blockchain developers, and extremely active academic communities. Through our strong relationships and local presence in the U.S., Block72 can provide your crypto project with the resources needed to succeed while helping you navigate the evolving regulatory framework.

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China is one of the largest and most highly engaged markets for blockchain technology. With over 78% of payments in China already occuring via QR, the market’s familiarity with digital value transfer has positioned it well for the mass adoption of cryptoassets. There is widespread interest from both institutional and retail investors in China where our relationships to major media, funds, and exchanges acts as a strong tailwind for projects looking to enter this market.

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Korea is one of the most digitally connected countries in the world. The public has an extremely high interest in innovative technologies, and actively adopts cutting-edge solutions, making Korea a key region for the blockchain industry. As the first blockchain consulting firm in Korea, Block72 has extensive local resources and experience helping position blockchain projects for long-term success in the Korean market.

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