We Are Hiring

Block72 is a global consulting company focused on fintech and blockchain technology. Our senior management team comes from top investment and management consulting companies (McKinsey, EY, HSBC, etc). Block72 has multiple offices around the world, including US, China and S. Korea.

Block72 is committed to providing comprehensive consulting services for high-quality fintech companies. These services include the formulation of financing solutions, technical consulting, strategic consulting, company structure and compliance consulting, token design, community management, public relations management, marketing and development of global partners.

Since the beginning of 2017, Block72 has cooperated with many top blockchain projects, including AELF, Algorand, Basic Attention Token, BitMax, Decentraland, Hedera Hashgraph, Ontology, Theta, Ziliqa, etc.

If interested, please email your resume and interest to Joseph at [email protected]

Job details:

Job Title: Project Management Intern / Project Management Associate

Work location: Remotely, China time zones

Ideal for:

• A native Chinese speaker, with high fluency in English.

• Currently in college / masters for intern. Right out of school or 1 year out of school

• Enjoy working with local and global team in fast environment. Can work well with others

• Experienced with proofreading/ translation / writing

• Very detailed and a great communicator

Job responsibilities:

Responsible for establishing cooperation with fintech and blockchain projects from all over the world and formulating cooperation models;

Maintain daily work communication with the project party, track project progress KPI, and have a spirit of service;

Expand project promotion channels and establish close cooperation with various media;

Interact with the fans of the community at home and abroad according to the needs of the project, guide community topics, and actively activate the community atmosphere;

Responsible for properly maintaining the relationship between the project party and various cooperative agencies, constantly keeping up with the project situation and industry trends in a timely manner, and safeguarding the interests of the company and investors;

Follow up the trends of the blockchain industry, discover high-quality projects, and create new investment opportunities for companies and investors.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree (or in school now) or above, business or media background is preferred, with more than one year working experience is preferred;

Have good Chinese and English language expression skills, and can use English as a working language;

Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit;

Clear logic, proactive work, and high sense of responsibility;

Ability to think and judge independently;

Have international thinking.